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PROJECTIME is a turn based 3D platformer bullet hell, made by me alone using the Godot 3.0 game engine. It was made for the Ludum Dare 41 Jam.

You walk around in abstract space, snapped to a grid, while avoiding the millions of lockstepped bullets spawned by evil indigo cones - and also while avoiding the maroon abyss below you.

When you collect ammo you can shoot back.

Controls (also explained in-game):

  • Arrow keys to walk
  • Space to jump
  • X or C to shoot horizontally/vertically
  • F11 to toggle fullscreen
  • ALT+F4 to quit

You'll need a decent GPU to run this. It probably won't run on your grandma's laptop.

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Beware! The Mac build is untested.


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PROJECTIME (Linux 64-bit) 14 MB
PROJECTIME (Windows 64-bit) 13 MB


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Would love to play, any chance of a mac build?

I've uploaded a Mac build. I don't have any Apple devices to test it on though, so please let me know if it works!