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Welcome to the Black Diode.

This game puts you in the role of a robotic drone, trapped in the belly of the torturous machine called the Black Diode. Your task is to explore the innards of the complex, and attempt to reach salvation.

During your journey you will come across difficult hurdles and intricate electronic circuits of devices, that require dexterity and precision, yet also intuition and patience.

But, your journey won't be without a reward, as you'll slowly but surely enter a mysterious world of musical experimentation.

Practical details:

  • The game is difficult, but short.
  • The game is a one man project by me, Bauxite, and it comes with a 30 minute soundtrack released under my musical pseudonym Kenophos
  • The game supports gamepad hotplugging, but sadly not rebindable controls as I ran out of time. They will be added later if there's demand for it, though.


After downloading the game, do not forget to extract the zip file. After that just run the exe.


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Windows (32 & 64 bit) 33 MB
Linux (64 bit) 32 MB


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I'm curious, did you make a custom game engine specifically for this game?

Yup, all made with just C++ and SDL.

Very good game. Platforming sharp as razor. The soundtrack and the soundscape, are magnificent. Thank you.

Thank you too!

I love this game, the sound design is just gorgeous and the puzzles are so much fun! beautiful

Deleted post

Thank you, I'll respond to your video on YouTube.

hi :) i would like to ask permission to record gameplay for this game, add commentary to it and upload it to my youtube channel :) i always loved puzzles and this seems like a very fun game to try :D.

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Sure, go ahead!

In case anyone else is reading this... there's no need to ask for permission to make a video about the game, just do it (but I'd like to know about it!)