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You get earrape when you wall off the sides and bottom lol

Love it. Wish I could export a loop, but I guess I can simply capture screen with the xbox app for windows.

A simple tempo slider to crank up or down the frequency of the balls would be great, too, but it's lovely just as it is now. ¡Thanks!


Yo... this is freakin' cool. You know what this reminds me of... if any of you remember the animation from like... middle school or something called ANIMUSIC, where they did an animation called "Pipe Dream" which is basically making music using iron spheres that would then drop onto blocks to produce music. This idea is pretty much that.

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I do not recommend surrounding your screen with lines

This is amazing! I made this in a few minutes:

It'd be cool if there was a save feature to share your music.


I could spend hours in this ;u; A lot of trial-and-error lead to some really neat sounding stuff. Would love to see changable samples! Awesome<3