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An experimental musical instrument, made with Godot 3.1.

Do you remember BallDroppings? I decided to make something similar in Godot, adding some more features and more polished graphics. It turned out to be quite fun to play with, and given some patience you can actually make some cool music with it.

The idea is that there are multiple emitters on the screen that periodically spawn balls. When the balls touch a line, a sound is emitted. The kind of sound depends on the color of the ball, and the pitch of the sound depends on the velocity of the ball.

You can draw lines by holding the left mouse button and erase them again by pressing the right mouse button.

The source code is available here: https://github.com/Bauxitedev/balldrop


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Windows 15 MB
Linux 27 MB
MacOS 17 MB


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You get earrape when you wall off the sides and bottom lol

Love it. Wish I could export a loop, but I guess I can simply capture screen with the xbox app for windows.

A simple tempo slider to crank up or down the frequency of the balls would be great, too, but it's lovely just as it is now. ¡Thanks!

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I do not recommend surrounding your screen with lines

This is amazing! I made this in a few minutes: https://streamable.com/mhcm1

It'd be cool if there was a save feature to share your music.


I could spend hours in this ;u; A lot of trial-and-error lead to some really neat sounding stuff. Would love to see changable samples! Awesome<3