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Really gorgeous :D

I loved the ambience, the game is really simple and easy to handle, even if I was not a big fan of the pixelated effect with FPS mechanics, beautiful but quite confusing in some situations, but the work is really awesome !


It's a good gam.
wanted to complain about the low resolution which is the only issue.
then saw again that it was for low res jam :-)


This game was so good. Loved the pixelated style and reminded me a lot of Metroid on DS. Somehow the low-fi style made me imagine it looked a lot better, sort of like reading a book and filling in the blanks. Great job.


No , thank you to have made this game

Sorry but when i try to play the game the windows system says that is incompatible whit the software of the system and i corovored that the game is for windows. ut it still not working. could you tell me which problem it could be?


Amazing game! Really captured the feel of the metroid games. I liked the pixelated 3D graphics that make the game feel like the 90s. By the way, how did you make the pixelated effect in Godot?

Thank you! The pixelated effect was done by setting the window stretch mode to "Viewport" and the window size to 64x64. See

Such an incredibly well-made game. You do your inspirations justice. The mood of this game is palpable, and the evolving soundtrack strengthens that so much. The controls are tight, the few tools/many applications was really clever, and the boss was awesomely terrifying. Can't get over this game it's so good

Thanks a lot :D

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Amazing polish for a 2 week project! Really fun. I played through it a good few times.

Thanks for realeasing the source. It's very good learning material. And the game looked and played even better with high resolution hacked in!

Did you desigin the level straight in Blender or did you plan it first with something like paper sketches?

Thanks! The levels were made with Sprytile in Blender pretty much on the spot, didn't really plan that much ahead on paper.

I got totally lost and couldn't make it to the entrance but I really like what I saw up to this point :D

Very awesome game that tells me to play metroid one day. Just the lava was so sticky that once I touched it I couldnt get out (killed the boss for me sadly)

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Cool, this game made me pay u 2 EUR ;D
Proceed to continue this game.

I just now saw that bug about the boss being unbeatable because yeah, he is. Other than that, this was a fun little metroidvania.

Sorry about that, just uploaded a new build with the bug fixed.


I enjoyed this game, but there were two major flaws I noticed:

First off, why X to airboost? That feels kinda awkward and out of place. I would suggest E, because most peoples fingers are naturally closer to that key while moving.

Also, the Low Res aesthetic felt more like a hindrance then a style, it made going through some areas a major headache. The game managed to have surprisingly good graphics for the aesthetic though, with each weapon having its own subtle lighting to it, and other nice touches.

The atmosphere in this game was sometimes very oppressive due to the narrowness of the shafts, but that worked perfectly. The small moments of surprise with the shooting drones that simply open the fire when you open a door or go into the room, were also wonderfully placed. :) All in all, a spectacularly designed first-person metroidvania, which I loved to recommend on our little blog in an article. <3 I took the liberty of uploading a gameplay video as well. :) Who knows, maybe some more people will play it. :D Keep it up and best regards to the Netherlands!

Best wishes,

Loved it. You managed the scope really well. The game feels polished and the boss fight was really fun.
One thing I noticed is a slight lag the first time I shot a new weapon o saw a new explosion. I noticed the same in the TPS demo. I wonder if it's the particle shader being compiled at the point of first use or the lighting. Maybe there's a way to have it preprocessed

This is awesome, big fan! Loved the look/feel and the boss encounter.

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Unfortunately I cannot play due to a rare input bug. Shame. I've dealt with it in my own games though so I sort of know what's wrong, upd8 me once the source is avaiable! If it's not too confusing I might be able to drop you PR or a fix for it. 0u0


I've uploaded the source here:

I've messed around with it - I can tell everything is in its place and that the code is nicely organized, but I can't for the life of me find anything in your source since it's so different to how I do things. Oops. I managed to find your camera code and most likely it is related to this issue I know I've gotten around it before but I can't seem to be able to do it on your game, perhaps I just don't understand the source well enough! Since you do know it, you might want to try not using Input.MOUSE_MODE_CAPTURED and instead simply hide the mouse and manually warp the mouse back to the center with the warp functions or something among those lines?